This blog is a recording of the Credit Union coaching assignment for the Canadian Co-operative Association (CCA) to consult with Credit Union Managers in Malawi Africa. This is the second year of a two year commitment. I am part of a team of six Credit Union Managers from Canada going to Malawi.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last Day at Fincoop

Today is our last day at Fincoop, we put the finishing touches on our Board Report and all there is to do today is retrieve some policies that I had emailed to me, thanks for your help Connie and Amy. Bruce and I got the report printed off and we gave a copy to Blessings I also gave him the policies that were emailed. Bruce and I went back to the hotel where we changed and decided to brave the markets one more time; we were a little more savvy this trip since we have a sense of the cost of the items. It takes time to get the price you want to pay you must be patient, stay in a good mood, smile and be prepared to walk if you don't get your price. One of the main things you need to be able to say a lot is no thanks, this has been essential since our route from the hotel to Fincoop takes us right through the heart of most of the street vendors and one of the markets.


Just after breakfast the phone rang and it was Davison checking to see how we were doing. I ask him about his trip back to Dwangwa and he said it was good and he was back at work. His daughter is feeling much better (she had malaria), he then wished us a good trip and we said good bye.


Paul and Robert returned to Lilongwe around noon and we met them to catch up, they had some interesting experiences. We decided to go down to Fincoop early since Bruce wanted to visit with Tocho who was in the women's mentoring program and was stationed at Bruce's Credit Union. She was not there yet so we went up to the MUSCCO office to visit with Dixon, we talked about the program and set a time for the meeting tomorrow morning. I had forgotten something in the room so I went back to the hotel and Bruce went to MacDouds for a Fanta. On my way to MacDouds one of Bruce's market buddies found me and stated that he had the necklaces that Bruce was looking for, so he accompanied me to MacDouds. Bruce made his deal and we set out for the meeting.


The meeting with the Board went well, they asked questions and we had a good discussion on a number of issues. At the end of the meeting we made arrangements to meet the Board and Management for supper at 6:30 pm. The evening was a lot of fun, there was good food, good conversation and a lot of laughs.

                                                 At Fincoop's Wrap up meeting

                                             Fincoop's Mobil Banking Unit

They drove us back to the hotel because they would not let us walk because they said it was not safe. This is a prime example of the hospitality we have been shown in Malawi; they do not want you to have a bad experience. When we returned Dennis and Niki were at the hotel so we all had a good time reminiscing about our time here and swapping market stories.


On Saturday we had a debriefing meeting with the MUSSCO management which went well. They are a forward thinking group that is working hard to see the SACCO system survive and thrive. The meeting went well and when we were done we went back to the hotel to change and set out to concur the market. We all did not too bad and I think I may have bought too much stuff so my luggage might be overweight. I guess we will see tomorrow.

 Paul presenting Sylvester with a gift on behalf of CCA and the Coaches

We are meeting with the MUSSCO staff tonight for a farewell supper. I will be sorry to leave Malawi so soon, I miss Canada but I could stay here for another couple of weeks. This year has been real enjoyable. This will be my last blog entry until I return to Canada and then I will add more pictures to the previous blogs and update the blog. So I will catch you on the flip side (Canada). 

                                                        The Sunbird Hotel In Lilongwe

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  1. Hey Brad! Thanks for sending me a notice of your blog. Lookin' good cous - I think you like the travelling. Sounds like you're doing some really interesting work too. Good for you!
    We gotta catch up!
    P.S. That golf course looks a little greener than the one back home!